We've been busy with plenty of Microsoft Exchange work recently, including:

- Implementation of Exchange 2010 in a multi-domain forest with 4000 mailboxes.

 - Using ISA Server 2006 on a DMZ to securely manage Exchange calendar, contacts and e-mail access for iPhones.

 - Deployment of Linux reverse-proxy servers on DMZ networks to handle SSL connections for iPhone calendar, contact and e-mail synchronisation with a Small Business Server 2003 environment and with an Exchange 2007 environment.

 - Deployment of a Blackberry Express server alongside a Linux Reverse Proxy to offer Blackberry and iPhone support for Exchange.

 - Recovering an Exchange 2007 environment where incorrectly configured anti-virus had deleted an Exchange log file, thus taking the information stores offline. Service was resumed in a couple of hours, with no data loss.

 - Bulk-adding read-only calendar permissions for all users in an Exchange 2007 environment (which is not possible from the Exchange command shell).