FlexPod Deployment

We have recently completed a FlexPod infrastructure implementation.

FlexPod is a pre-designed and pre-validated base data centre configuration. It is built on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Nexus data center switches, NetApp FAS storage components, and a range of supported and validated software infrastructure options from the FlexPod partner ecosystem.

What does that mean? Well, it basically means that Cisco and NetApp have taken a good, hard look at data centre infrastructure and arrived at a refined model for today's workloads. There is quite a bit of cool stuff in there, so we'll break it out into more posts over the coming weeks.

In this specific case, FlexPod meant a pre-validated infrastructure for a VDI project, which removed risk in specification whilst accelerating procurement and deployment.

The kit is built and configured, and three hypervisors have been piloted; VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V 2012. We're now looking at two VDI solutions as part of User Acceptance Testing; these are VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop.

More to come.......