One of the historical challenges with a larger NetApp infrastructure has been centralised data protection management. Whilst NetApp has SnapManager tools, native Snapshots, SnapMirror, SnapVault, and OnCommand Unified Manager, they do not offer a unified view into what's happening across the NetApp estate in terms of backup.

We've always had a good word for CommVault, and NetApp has now re-badged a subset of the Simpana Suite as NetApp SnapProtect.

Having just deployed this for a client, we're pleased to see that it does indeed offer a single pane of glass into data protection; SnapShots, SnapVaults and SnapMirrors are all being driven from the SnapProtect console, and the CommServe will also be driving application-consistent backups for SQL and other apps in due course. It's also possible to back data off to tape, all from one console and backed by CommVault's proven and well-regarded technology.