Clustered Data ONTAP

We've also recently re-deployed a NetApp FAS2240 as a switchless, 2-node storage cluster. This entailed implementation of the required 10GbE connectivity and replacing the 7-mode O/S with Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. 

The process is disruptive, as the system is effectively wiped, so data had to be moved off for the upgrade. However, the nature of Clustered Data ONTAP means that this should not be necessary in the future; with NetApp storage clusters, data can be immortal.

The change to Clustered Data ONTAP from 7-mode is inevitable, and worthwhile. It feels very much like when the industry first adopted server virtualisation; with Clustered Data ONTAP, storage is virtualised, de-coupled from hardware and mobilised. The learning curve is similar, but so are the gains.