CommVault Intellisnap for Remote Site Backup

We have a customer who uses NetApp storage, with CommVault IntelliSnap for backup and data protection. IntelliSnap is able to leverage NetApp snapshots and replication for data protection, as well as traditional CommVault backup copies. It thus provides a single management window into data protection whilst being able to make use of the power of storage array snapshots.

This customer recently had a requirement to protect data that resides on physical Windows servers at remote, branch offices. We were able to help them configure their systems so that this data is protected by CommVault IntelliSnap Open Systems Data Protection (OSDP).

With this solution, after the first seed backup is taken, subsequent backups perform full-volume block-level incremental replication. This means that data from physical Windows partitions is replicated to a NetApp destination system, sending only changed blocks. The destination then efficiently stores this backup copy as a NetApp snapshot.

We are seeing great results. The remote sites are being protected with daily jobs that are completing faster than the previous tape backups even though the WAN links are of very modest bandwidth. The backup data at the destination is very efficiently stored. Furthermore, the customer is now able to dispense with tape management for the remote sites, and all the associated costs for tape transport and storage.