NetApp MetroCluster.

At the back end of last year we completed a NetApp MetroCluster implementation. This is the ultimate in high-availability storage from NetApp, and we'll write more about it in due course as there are a number of interesting aspects to this deployment. It is also very cool.

For now though, it's fair to say that it has brought our client vastly improved capabilities in terms of service protection from planned and unplanned outages, whilst also bringing all the usual advantages of NetApp.

Interestingly, the migration from virtualised Windows file servers to native CIFS shares from the NetApp systems has resulted in a general performance increase for all users, as NetApp is providing much faster serving of user data, including profiles. So in addition to improving infrastructure availablity, capacity, data protection and feature set, performance was improved to the extent that users actually commented that logins were faster after the migration…….